How To Save Money On Your Garden: 5 Effective Recycling Ideas

Effective Recycling Ideas ~ Everybody is most interested when money is mentioned, but imagine if somebody were to mention that you could save money. You would jump with joy and grip his hand — kiss it? There are many methods when you can save money just by gardening and doing your thing in the garden.

How To Save Money On Your Garden 5 Effective Recycling Ideas 3

It’s possible to cut down on some costs in your garden


5 Effective Recycling IdeasMethod 1

The best method would be to grow what you require to but on the meal table. You need to garden those products which you and your family eat every day. All you have to do is just invest some money and time in good soil, fertilizer, and seeds and you may have a bonanza of a crop. Also, these crops may be just what you — and your neighbors — eat every day. That is you all go to the supermarket to buy these same products which are exorbitantly priced at the supermarket. You may have to maintain a planned routine while gardening but the end result should be succinct enough for you — a bounty of your own crops.

5 Effective Recycling IdeasMethod 2

Please do not plant vegetables that you would not eat. Also, choose vegetables that can be preserved for a long length of time. You may either store these vegetables like tomatoes, or may be able to can and freeze them like peas. One of the produce you may grow is radishes. This is a vegetable which can be eaten all the year round, only you have to just learn how to store radishes for a pretty long time. Also, radish are a garden crop that matures the fastest and is very simple to grow. Not only should you look into prolonging the planting and harvesting of this nutritious food but even look after how to extend the time for storing this food.

Other vegetables that can be easily stored include potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, winter squash, and carrots. Also, you may like to have beans, peas, corn, beets, tomatoes and cucumbers for your meal table and these vegetables can be easily frozen.


5 Effective Recycling IdeasMethod 3

It is advisable to grow those vegetables which will offer you a high return on your investment that is those vegetables which are very expensive in the supermarket or those ones which are consumed by your family in a largely way. You may opt for green beans, peppers, potatoes, tomatoes, onions, broccoli, Swiss chard, carrots, spinach, beets among other vegetables, since all these may be consumed by your family in your regular diet.

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A healthy vegetable diet is good for you


5 Effective Recycling Ideas – Method 4

Another option for saving money while gardening is to grow your own herbs. These are a great investment for a small investment will net you a season’s supply of herbs. You may opt to plant rosemary, parsley, basil, or oregano which you daily require as seasoning on your kitchen. Not only can you use the fresh herbs throughout the season but you can even dry them and store them for future use. Even herbs which are meant for freshening up the room like lemon verbena or lavender may be grown. These herbs can be added to your soap or to the water which you use for bathing for a nice scent.


5 Effective Recycling Ideas – Method 5

You may use seeds instead of plants to give you a higher return and save your money. Since the yield is greater when you plant seeds rather than from a plant, it is advisable to plant seeds and not plants. You may also exchange the seeds with your friends or neighbors due to excess seeds being there in a packet of seeds. This will work out to be economical since you do not have to buy all the types of seeds you want to plant, you can exchange the excess seeds with those which you may want. On the contrary you and your friends may prematurely decide what seeds each one of you are going to buy then exchange the excess. This idea of exchange of seeds also reduces your cost of gardening.

It would be worthwhile to plant your seeds in stages rather all at one go. This will help you to eat the produce over a longer period of time rather than all at once. This will help you and your family to eat the produce for a long time and will reduce waste if all the seeds were to be planted all at once.

You can save money if you were to make your own compost from the leftovers in your kitchen, the banana peels, the egg shells, fallen leaves, coffee grounds. You may use this fertilizer for your crop and save money.

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Save money by making your own compost from kitchen waste


You need not have to spend on barriers for your weeds. All you have to use is a garden hose or newspapers to do so. You may have to cut the used garden hose reel into pieces of the required length and place them as needed.


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