Inexpensive Corn Sheller Saves Farmers Tens Of Hours

They say corn is a greedy crop, probably because harvesting it takes up so much time and effort. But with this Corn Sheller the rural farmer in Kenya. can now shell up to 4kg of maize at a time without incurring any extra unnecessary cost all because of a manual corn shelling machine that cost less than Sh10,000. Isn’t that amazing!

And that isn’t just all it does, it also saves the farmer the hassle of physically removing and collecting the maize from the combs, a tedious and time wasting exercise.

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According to a research dubbed “maize production, challenges and experience of smallholder farmers in east Africa by international maize and wheat improvement center- CIMMYT “about 85% of smallholder farmers still practiced the old and tedious exercise’.

This amazing Corn Sheller machine was introduced into the Kenyan market by Muharata Food Company. After inserting 30 pieces of maize into the equipment. The farmer rotates it by hand and in the process shells the maize separating the grains from the comb. He then slides the shelled maize into a container then repeats the process for the rest of his maize produce.

” The Corn Sheller is fitted with two wheels making it very easy to move to its working joint” says Judy Wamboi, a sales representative at Muharata food company and cost just ksh 8500.

Also they are fuel efficient since only three liters of diesel is needed to shell 20-30 bags of maize. and the shelling kit is very easy to install. Remove and re-attach in event of repair or simply just to clean, she added.

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The Corn Sheller machine comes in sizes and the company has three large scale corn shelling machines. the electric. The diesel powered and tractor driven she further explained.

The most commonly used is the diesel powered which can shell 90kg of corn in just two minute. The machine is attached a burlap bag of considerable size where the grains are collected. The combs are then dropped on the ground. The prices range between sh50, 000-65,000.

Interested farmers can reach Muharata on + 254 020 201 3271





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