Coccidiosis In Chickens: Prevention And Treatment Of This Poultry Disease

Coccidiosis in chickens is one of the most common poultry diseases. Coccidiosis is a parasitic disease of the intestinal tract of animals caused by coccidian protozoa.

Coccidiosis In Chickens: Prevention And Treatment Of This Poultry Disease
An affected chick. see how it look frail and unkempt

The disease spreads from one animal to another by contact with infected feces or ingestion of infected tissue.

Diarrhea, which may become bloody in severe cases, is the primary symptom. Coccidiosis in chickens is mainly triggered by 9 kinds or species of Eimeria protozoa, some of these species are more severe than others. Coccidiosis in chickens is deadly. That good side of it is your chicken become immune to Coccidiosis infection later on

This infection is prone in warm months i.e. November to April in African countries and May to September in the western world.

Causes Of Coccidiosis In Chickens

  • Chickens eating oocysts (multiples of Coccidia parasites) in poops
  • Poor Sanitation in hen coops or cages
  • Age of bird. Young birds are more prone then older birds. But older chickens can still get it.
  • Poorly fed bird are more prone then well fed birds

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Control And Prevention Of Coccidiosis In Chickens

  • Good Management is key preventive to most poultry diseases
  • Vaccinate your birds at their early age
  • Always keep the bedding in the house clean and dry for birds living external
  • Feeders and waterers must be clean always anytime you refill them
  • Feed your chickens with medicated starter feed. Make sure it contains coccidiostat (it kills Coccidia parasites) for the 1st month

In addition to the above listed preventive tips keeping the poultry water clean and not allowing droppings in, bedding always clean and dried, and keeping them on a good nutrition diet schedule is the best key in eluding this poultry disease.

Coccidiosis In Chickens: Prevention And Treatment Of This Poultry Disease
chickens drinking water added with Apple Cider Vinegar and Garlic.

The use of Apple Cider Vinegar and Garlic in water as a preventative tonics, helps to prevent them from oocysts and other worms. The acid in the gut helps to avert the development of oocysts which does the harm.

Oocysts infection are prone to all ground fed birds throughout their life. Coccidiosis in chickens is affect birds that are confined in and area more than free ranging birds.

Symptoms Of Coccidiosis In Chickens

  • Birds looks dirty and unkempt
  • Fluffed up not doing much
  • Frail (weak) and inactive
  • Their comb might become Pale
  • They fall sick just in one day and die the next day (this is not so common but it does happen)
  • Chickens refuse to eat or drink
  • Sometimes Blood appears in their poop
  • The sight of yellow foamy poop shows the infection is severe
Coccidiosis In Chickens: Prevention And Treatment Of This Poultry Disease
Yellow foamy poop shows the infection is severe
Coccidiosis In Chickens: Prevention And Treatment Of This Poultry Disease
Blood in chicken poops

How To Treat Coccidiosis?

For treatment to work efficiently and rapidly you got to start when you see the first signs of disease:
Separate your healthy chickens and use Corid 9.6% liquid solution. Add 9.5cc (dosage) of Corid 9.6% liquid solution to a gallon of water for five days. No withdrawal period should be observed. This medicine Corid 9.6% takes care of all 9 cocci that chickens could get. Also using Sulment (Sulfadimethoxine) can treat your chickens.

Some others view it not to be very effective as compared to Corid and only take of only 2 kinds of cocci. There is also a 10 day withdrawal period for Sulment. The dosage is 2 Tablespoons to a gallon of water for 2 days. Then reduce to 1 Tablespoon to a gallon for 4 days.I personally would recommend Corid over Sulment.

Using home-made remedy option to treat Coccidiosis in chickens can help save cost. Some of these home-made remedies are:

Milk Flush (4 pounds of dried milk), corn meal (2 pounds), oatmeal (2 pounds), and bran (1 pound) for 3-5 days feeding only this nothing else. This remedy option will flush the system out. Follow up treatment with vitamin supplement (especially A and K).

Use liquid treatment for treating chickens since chicks/chickens don’t usually eat when infected by cocci.

Incubation Period

Incubation Period for Cecal Coccidiosis is 5-6 days whiles the Incubation Period for Intestinal Coccidiosis is 5 days

I hope you found this article helpful I pray you kick out Coccidiosis from your poultry for ever
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